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NASHVILLE, TN – Omnis Health, a diabetes category leader in innovative, value driven monitoring systems, today announced the introduction of two, first-of-their-kind blood glucose monitoring testing kits specially designed to meet the critical testing needs of pregnant women diagnosed with gestational diabetes. These Complete Gestational Diabetes Monitoring Kits represent a diabetes category first and include a nine-week supply of high-quality testing supplies, featuring the company’s Embrace® or EmbraceEVO® blood glucose monitors, 250 test strips, 300 lancets, lancing device, and other testing accessories – everything these patients need to proactively and successfully monitor and manage their diabetes through the end of their pregnancy.

Today, one in 10 pregnant women in the U.S. is diagnosed with gestational diabetes – defined as the experience of high blood glucose levels during pregnancy.*

It is typically diagnosed around week 26 of a pregnancy.

“The third-trimester of pregnancy is stressful enough without the added concern of gestational diabetes. We recognized a need to make it as easy and affordable as possible for these women to proactively test their diabetes in order to ensure a safe pregnancy while protecting the health of their babies,” said Cathy Pereira, Executive Vice President – Global Sales and Marketing.

The alternative to purchasing a Complete Gestational Diabetes Monitoring Kit is purchasing all the items separately, which even if you are covered in part by insurance, could result in significant cost. Omnis Health estimates patients can save up to $230** versus buying the testing products and accessories individually. In fact, the total price of the nine-week kit will likely be less than the cost of some total test strip co-pays alone, while noting the ability to having everything on hand for testing also delivers valuable convenience.

“The all-in-one concept of the Gestational Diabetes Monitoring Kit lets moms-to-be purchase everything they need to monitor and manage their gestational diabetes for up to nine weeks with just one trip to the pharmacy or a few simple clicks online. Best of all, they can save considerably versus buying the monitor, test strips, and testing accessories separately, so they experience less hassle, less cost, and more peace of mind,” Pereira said.

Those who purchase an Embrace® or EmbraceEVO® Complete Gestational Diabetes Monitoring Kit can also enroll in the Embrace Better Care program designed by Omnis Health. This program proactively delivers important diabetes education information and money-saving coupons to support and encourage patients to better monitor and manage their diabetes. The program also features the EmbraceIt mobile app that puts testing reminders, diabetes education support for expectant moms, and retailer-specific coupons at the fingertips of patients to help them embrace better care.

The Complete Gestational Diabetes Monitoring Kit is not the only innovation from Omnis Health. The company’s Embrace® blood glucose monitor was one of the diabetes category’s first “talking” meters. The Embrace® meter talks patients through the testing process and communicates test results.

For more information about, and to purchase, the Embrace® and EmbraceEVO® Complete Gestational Diabetes Monitoring Kits, visit gestational.omnishealth.com or call 877-979-5454.


*Centers for Disease Control statistics.

**Based on the industry average price of testing supplies.