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NASHVILLE, TN – Omnis Health, a diabetes category leader in innovative, value-driven blood glucose monitoring systems, today announced the introduction of the Embrace Better Care Program. The Embrace Better Care Program provides instant access to diabetes educational resources and technology that will promote proactive testing and a healthy lifestyle, while helping people with diabetes better monitor and manage their disease.

The Embrace Better Care Program, specially designed for users of Omnis Health Embrace® brand blood glucose monitoring products, provides instant online access to important diabetes educational information such as: eating healthy, how to exercise safely, maintaining proper glucose levels, and more. In addition, it provides easy access to product information and instructional videos to ensure proper use of their Embrace system.

At the heart of Embrace Better Care Program is the EmbraceIt mobile app. Designed for both iOS and Android platforms, the EmbraceIt app will help create an even more robust patient connection by putting enhanced tools and resources into the palms of the patients’ hands. Beyond instant, mobile access to diabetes education resources, app users can track their testing data – how often they are supposed to test, even dates of test strip purchases – and the app will push test strip purchase reminders as appropriate to help encourage people to be compliant with the testing regimen recommended by their healthcare professional.

With geo-location and push notification features built right in, the EmbraceIt app will notify users when they’re in range of their pharmacy and provide money-saving coupons redeemable at that pharmacy. The app also provides access to the Omnis Heath Embrace Diabetes Management Program, powered by Health2Sync, so they can easily create a diary of blood glucose results and track related activities such as exercise, diet, and medications right on their mobile device. In turn, the app makes it easier than ever to share their results with their healthcare professionals. The EmbraceIt app delivers all the same diabetes educational information as with online access.

“The more information and resources people with diabetes have to help them monitor and manage their disease, the better, healthier life they can lead,” said Cathy Pereira, Executive Vice-President – Global Sales and Marketing. “That is exactly our goal with the Embrace Better Care Program. Make information, savings, testing reminders, and more available at the click of a mouse and in the palm of their hand to help people take better care of their diabetes, and improve their overall quality of life.”

People with diabetes can enroll in and access the education, information and savings benefits of the Embrace Better Care Program by visiting, www.embracebettercare.com. The EmbraceIt mobile app can be downloaded from the app stores appropriate for your device.

For more information about the Embrace products portfolio visit www.omnishealth.com and the Embrace Better Care Program, or the EmbraceIt mobile app, call 877-979-5454 or visit www.embracebettercare.com.