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Blood Glucose Meter

The meter that says it all

The Embrace Talking Meter talks users through testing, step-by-step. With accurate results in as little as six seconds, this meter is designed to work easily and effectively – and take as little time as possible out of your day.


Easy. Accurate. Safe.

The feature-rich no coding Embrace meter delivers fast, accurate results using a very small blood sample, and with the talking feature you have the option to hear your results as well as see them.

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Embrace®Test Strips


Instant Three-Step Verification ensures accurate results every time.


Step 1

Confirms test strip positioned correctly

Step 2

Pinpoint technology detects sample

Step 3

Fill detection verifies sample is adequate


Embrace Test Strips

Managing your diabetes with the
Embrace Better Care Program

The Embrace Better Care Program is a proactive care program from Omnis Health designed to help you take better care of your diabetes. It provides access to diabetes educational materials, product information, special offers, money-savings coupons, and more. Click here to learn more.

Embrace Better Care

The EmbraceIt Mobile App

EmbraceIt on the App Store

EmbraceIt on the Google Play Store

At the heart of the Embrace Better Care Program is the EmbraceIt Mobile App. It’s the easiest way to Embrace Better Care and share your test results with your healthcare provider. Download Now on the iTunes and Google Play stores.

With a direct link to Health2Sync though the EmbraceIt app, you can share results by manually entering your test results or using the Smart Cable to upload data on your mobile device.

To order a Smart Cable ($16.95 + $3 S&H, tax may apply in some states), please fill out this form, call an Omnis Health Product Care Specialist at 877-979-5454, or visit Amazon.com.

Note: If you do not have a compatible mobile device, you can download a PC portal for your desktop/laptop PC. You can view data uploaded via the PC Portal by signing directly into the Health2Sync web app.

EmbraceIt Mobile App

Informational Videos

Learn how to use the Embrace® Talking Meter with the helpful instructional videos below.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to code my meter before I test?

No, Embrace® is a No Coding meter which means fewer steps for you while testing your blood sugar.

What kind of batteries does the Embrace® take?

The Embrace® takes two AAA batteries. You can change them on the back of the meter by taking off the back plastic piece and inserting two new AAA batteries.

Where do I insert the Embrace® test strip?

The test strip is inserted at the top of the meter.

Since the Embrace® is a talking meter, what languages does it speak?

The Embrace® talks to you through your testing procedure and tells you your results in English and Spanish.

How do I access the memory?

- Turn on the meter.
- Press the center button again to enter function mode.
- Press the center button again when 'mem' icon flashes to enter memory recall.

How do I change the volume on my meter?

- Press and hold the middle button to turn on the meter.
- Arrow up or down until the volume sign starts to flash, then press the middle button to enter the volume settings.
- The display screen will show the current sound volume. Scroll up or down to adjust the sound volume from 1 (lowest) to 5 (highest). Setting the volume to 0 will turn off the talking function.

Why do I keep getting Error 4 “not enough blood in the test strip” if the Embrace® takes a small sample size?

The Embrace® meter takes a small sample size of 0.6 microliters. If you are experiencing Error 4; Insert a new test strip and test again. Make sure the blood fills the confirmation window completely. Best practice is to touch the tip of the strip to the top of the blood drop.

What should I do if my meter displays “HI” or “LO”?

- Insert a new test strip and test again.
- If the meter still displays the same result, your blood sugar may be above 600 mg/dl or below 20 mg/dl. Perform a control test to ensure the meter and strip are working together accurately. You should call your physician or healthcare professional immediately if the control solution says it is within range.

What test strips do I use for the Embrace® meter?

If you are using an Embrace® meter, you should be testing with Embrace® test strips.

Can the Embrace® be used to test on Alternative Test Sites (AST)?

Yes, the Embrace® can test for blood glucose other than your fingertip such as palm and forearm. You should consult with your doctor or healthcare professional before using alternate site testing.

How many blood glucose tests does the Embrace® store in the memory?

The Embrace® stores 300 blood test results with date and time.

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Embrace® brand products are available at many local retailers or mail service providers.
For assistance in locating Embrace products, call 877-979-5454


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