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Medicare Update – Medicare Update

Competitive Bidding at a Glance

What does Competitive Bidding Mean for Me?

For those patients who would like to receive mail order supplies, Medicare has selected only 18 mail order supply companies who will now provide diabetes testing supplies for Medicare patients.

Reimbursement rates for test strips are being cut. While your retail pharmacy may continue providing diabetes testing supplies for Medicare patients, they will now have to accept the same reduced rates on reimbursement that a mail order supplier does. The average reimbursement cost for each patient’s testing supplies has been cut by approximately 70%.

How will this affect me?

If you are a patient who currently orders supplies through the mail or are someone who needs mail order service, your current supplier may have changed. You may need to find a new supplier.

When you contact a new supplier, ask for the Embrace® meter. Embrace meters can help clear some of the confusion. It is an accurate, no code, high quality, talking meter that is easy to use. Embrace uses a small sample size for less pain and encourages more frequent testing. Unparalleled customer support and affordability on test strips has helped make Embrace a name in the mail order supply market. With 22% of the market share and over 2 million meters sold in the US, Embrace is a trusted name you can count on.