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The feature-rich no coding EmbracePRO™ Meter delivers fast, accurate results using a very small blood sample.

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Accurate results within five seconds.


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Gold electrode increases reliability & accuracy

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Side sampling: shorter conductive path increases accuracy


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Clinical Studies

View the EmbracePRO™ Meter clinical studies that prove its effectiveness as an accurate and reliable blood glucose monitoring system.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to code my meter before I test?

No. EmbracePRO™ is an Auto-coding meter, which means fewer steps for you while testing your blood sugar.

What kind of batteries does the EmbracePRO take?

The EmbracePRO takes a CR 2032 lithium battery. A new battery is included with your meter. You can change them on the back of the meter by taking off the back plastic piece and inserting a new CR 2032 lithium battery.

Where do I insert the EmbracePRO test strip?

The test strip is inserted at the bottom of the meter.

How do I access the memory?

Turn on the meter
Press +/- button to enter the memory mode
Press +/- button again to read the most recent test results. Every time you press +/- button your meter will display the next result up to 500 results.

Why do I get "Er 8" message (blood sample is less than standard)?

The EmbracePRO meter takes a small sample size of 0.5 microliters. If you are experiencing Error 8, insert a new test strip and test again. Make sure the blood fills the confirmation window completely. Best practice is to touch the tip of the strip to the top of the blood drop.

What should I do if my meter displays “HI” or “LO”?

Insert a new test strip and test again. If the meter still displays the same result, your blood sugar may be above 600 mg/dL or below 20 mg/dL. Perform a control test to ensure the meter and strip are working together accurately. If the control test results are within the specified range for the solution, you should call your physician or healthcare professional immediately.

What test strips do I use for the EmbracePRO meter?

The EmbracePRO meter is compatible with EmbracePRO test strips and Victory test strips.

Can the EmbracePRO be used to test on Alternative Test Sites (AST)?

Yes, the EmbracePRO can test for blood glucose other than your fingertip such as palm, forearm, upper arm, thigh and calf. You should consult with your doctor or healthcare professional before using alternate site testing.

How many blood glucose tests does the EmbracePRO store in the memory?

The EmbracePRO stores 500 blood test results with date, time and event.

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